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Character of the Week:Rin Okumura

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leungdrawstoo said:
Tye Longshadow in Young Justice is also the series' attempt of rebooting Apache Chief from the super friends. That astral form is a really unique way to represent the powers. The name longshadow is pretty ironic given his power. I also feel for him, I'm scared of what he may be tempted to do with his new powers on Maurice.

I’ve heard of the Superfriends, and I agree that Young Justice did a great job at their portrayal of Apache Chief and his powers. ^^

And something tells me that he won’t use his new powers on Maurice anytime soon. For one thing, Maurice is supposedly in jail after Jaime revealed his pirating to the local enforcers. Also, Tye expressed a huge desire to not go back home, so he may not get a chance to take revenge per say. Plus, there is the fact that Tye is now surrounded by great friends who are getting closer by the day. :)

But then again, Young Justice has shown itself over and over to be pretty unpredictable, so who knows. o.o If anything, I’m pretty scared of whether or not he may use his new powers against Jaime/ the Young Justice team since they work for Lex now. ;____;


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