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Character of the Week:Rin Okumura

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Character of the Week: Yoko Nakajima, Queen of Kei

  • December 16th-December 23rd, 2013
Song: Dollhouse by Priscilla Renea
  • I ain’t a doll
    This ain’t a dollhouse

Screencap Credit: the cancerman

Guess who wants to talk about her favorite characters again! :D

This girl is one of my favorite characters not only because she is a normal high school student Mandated by Heaven to be queen of a fantastical country, but also because she has undergone one of the most profound character developments I have witnessed in any media.

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Frankly, when I first watched Twelve Kingdoms, everything Yoko did made me consider her nothing less than a brat. She whined about too many things, she made a couple of bad decisions that landed her and her friends in even more trouble, and she didn’t seem to actually listen to those trying to give her healthy advice (though to be fair, there were more than enough liars around as well). Things got even worse when she stopped trusting others completely and succumbed to the influence of her sword, refusing helping hands and considering everyone in her path someone who may need their stomach gutted, to the point where she abandoned a true friend in his time of need.

And then, she got better.

Much better. She realized her mistakes. She confronted them. She battled against the mental influence of her sword and her own distrust of others. Sure, she was swinging a sword around long before this, but that wasn’t what made her strong; what made her strong was how she mentally and emotionally endeavored to overcome her insecurities and fears. And good thing too, because ultimately it is only after she refined her own self that she was able to get to the business of overcoming political plots and fighting battles to become the queen of her country. 

But even then her journey is not over, as she has to learn what it actually means to be queen and finds out that she actually isn’t doing some things right. So to fix that she goes off to try to find ways in which she can do what she needs to do for the sake of her people.

And this is why I love Yoko so much. Because when she discovers her flaws and shortcomings, she doesn’t hide from them. She accepts them and endeavors to find out how best she can overcome them. Not only does this benefit her character, but it benefits those around her as well. Her spirit and presence of mind are solid and strong, and I sincerely aspire to be just like her in this regard.

Associating the song Dollhouse with her might seem weird because of how the lyrics actually refer to a girl breaking out of a controlling relationship. But in my mind, many of said lyrics fit perfectly with her relationship with the officials of her new government, who seek to control her for their own ends. I enjoy how she manages to break away from their schemes though strengthening her own character and doing her best for others, thus proving how she is no doll, and her rule is no dollhouse.

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